Enhancing Intercultural Learning in European Enterprises

EILEEN intends to develop a comprehensive approach which foresees the involvement of professionals working in European enterprises and young unemployed – both groups will be trained on how to cope with cultural diversity in the workplace.


The main aims of the project are to:

  • promote and validate intercultural competences;
  • promote a welcoming culture in European enterprises;
  • promote European mobility.

This shall be achieved by:

  • exploring existing approaches to enhance and validate intercultural competences in European enterprises;
  • investigating the specific needs of enterprises for hosting interns with different cultural backgrounds;
  • developing the EILEEN validation system based on the proven LEVEL5 for assessing and validating competences;
  • developing and testing training modules on intercultural topics for multipliers in European enterprises;
  • developing training modules for young people on intercultural topics aimed to prepare them to take part in a European internship;
  • organising intercultural traineeships as open learning projects;
  • validating competence developments of both host enterprises and interns by means of LEVEL5;
  • developing and promoting a European label “Welcoming European Enterprise”;
  • launching a European Award on innovative initiatives to promote intercultural learning in European businesses.

EILEEN addresses:

  • young people that shall be motivated and prepared for an internship abroad;
  • entrepreneurs willing to host a young intern;
  • evaluators and validation practitioners;
  • external stakeholders and institutions;
  • the broad society.
  • coordinated by: BUPNET, Göttingen, Germany
  • eight partners from eight countries (UK, BG, ES, GR, FR, IT, BE, PT)
  • funded by the European Commission
  • Duration: 09/2014-08/2016
  • Website: http://eileen-eu.org