Engaging Youth with Urban Gardening Activities

Community urban gardens are operated jointly and through volunteer commitment, offering a space where social inclusion, community spirit, learning and solidarity can be strengthened. They provide an opportunity for creative activities, contributions to the community, relationship building and interpersonal skills development. Moreover, urban gardening contributes to the climate change adaptation and the ecosystem dimension.

Project objectives

URBAN is an Erasmus+ project aiming to encourage the active participation and education of local community members – including vulnerable and threatened with exclusion young people, long-term unemployed and migrants/refugees – through setting up and maintaining urban gardens and working together in this inclusive environment. The project will also elaborate an innovative educational method to teach soft skills by garden working to future youth farmers, e.g. interpersonal communication, teamwork, management and planning.

Who will benefit?

  • Vulnerable and threatened of exclusion young people
  • Young people that face economic obstacles, long-term unemployed or youth coming from rural areas
  • Youth with migrant/refugee background
  • Trainers, members of organizations

Project activities

  • Developing training and learning resources, which support the professional development of practitioners and educators in the field of adult teaching
  • Actively involving local youth threatened of marginalization
  • Developing a training programme based on activities connected with setting up and maintaining urban gardens

 Expected outputs

  • URBAN eco urban gardening handbook for youth
  • Curriculum & training manual on provision of urban gardening training for trainers
  • Training course curriculum on urban gardening for youth
  • URBAN App & training platform
  • URBAN training course for youth and hands on workshops

The project partnership is coordinated by the Greek organisation KMOP and consists of six partners from six countries.
Duration: 06/2020-05/2022

Project website: https://www.urbangardeningproject.eu/

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