Climate Box

The protection of our planet will constitute a serious challenge for many years to come. Therefore, it is important to sensitize all citizens on climate change topics and provide them with an opportunity to reflect on their own personal contribution. Currently, the majority of environmental education projects and initiatives is aimed at young people and especially at pupils in primary and secondary education, whereas the number of projects addressing socio-economically disadvantaged groups of people in relation to climate awareness is alarmingly low.

While promoting climate action among young people is essential, particularly in the context of future climate issues, other groups of society and especially adults from disadvantaged backgrounds and with low levels of education, cannot be neglected. People coming from disadvantaged backgrounds are often deprived from vital climate-related knowledge due to the lack of information tailored to their needs, which may result in environmentally irresponsible behaviour.

Climate Box will fill the existing gap by focusing exclusively on this target group with the aim to strengthen their awareness, knowledge and skills in the area of climate and environment and motivate them to adopt an environmentally conscious behaviour.

The main project objectives are:

  • to increase awareness and knowledge on climate change and climate actions among disadvantaged adults
  • to equip adult educators and trainers with the necessary tools to improve awareness of climate issues, stimulate discussion, and motivate people to lead a more climate-friendly lifestyle

In terms of concrete products Climate Box will develop the following outputs:

  • Report on climate education: A report highlighting the situation on climate education and the learning needs of disadvantaged adults, based on extensive research activities in each partner country
  • Compilation of training materials: Training materials that can be applied directly by adult educators and trainers in their daily practice
  • Learning app for climate education: A mobile learning app for direct access to learning tasks and materials for easy use in daily practice
  • Publication: A report presenting best practice and highlighting the relevance of climate education for disadvantaged adults

The project partnership is led by BUPNET Bildung und Projekt Netzwerk GmbH, Göttingen, Germany and consists of partners with complementary experience and skills in the field of informal learning and adult education from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain.

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