Competences in Enterprises on Integration

European employers, be it SMEs or large-scale enterprises and organisations are still hesitant to hire and employ refugees due to their unclear professional and personal situations.To integrate refugees at the workplace (be it in full time, part time, supported employment or internships) European employers need practical and direct supportthat responds to the uncertainties related to the legal, social and working status of refugees, as well as to intercultural and psycho-social issues. This is the starting point of the ComeIN project, which aims at creating and applying a comprehensive training to support  enterprises and organisations and their responsible staff members in integrating refugees at their workplaces.

The COME IN approach consists of:

  • face-to-face workshops
  • a growing online learning and networking platform with directly usable information and OER learning materials
  • pilot learning projects at the workplaces
  • a validation system to assess and document the developed competences

The COME IN consortium is composed out of seven partners from six countries, among them countries that receive most refugees (“entrance countries ”) and countries where most refugees claim asylum (“target countries”).

The partnership is coordinated by the Landkreis Kassel, DE, responsible for the integration of more than 3.000 refugees and for the economic development and the coordination of SMEs and larger enterprises, two HR consultancy agencies (TRENDHUIS, BE; Catro, BG), two labour market agencies and vocational and adult education providers (die Berater, AT; BUPNET, DE) and two large NGOs whose daily business is to support incoming refugees in their countries (CESIE, IT; 4 elements, GR) that will ensure that refugees’ needs and perspectives will be fully taken into account and adequately addressed.

  • Co-funded by the European Commission under Erasmus+
  • Duration: 11/2017-10/2019