Enable, Empower, Engage Third Country National Women to enhance professional opportunities

The project tackles one of the most critical issues with regards to the integration of refugee and migrant women of Third Country Origins ( TCN) in the labour market – identification, assessment and development of the required skills and competences.

The current review of labour market integration programmes has shown that the diversity in refugees’ and migrants’ background is not really reflected in the programmes, which mostly follow a one-size-fits-all approach, nor the gender aspect is considered systematically enough, although TCN women have particularly low employment and activity rates.

To fill this gap in the current integration programmes, the EVERMORE project has the following aims:

  • -Empowering TCN women by enhancing their further professional opportunities and thus facilitating their access to the labour market;
  • -Establishing Mentoring and Empowering relationships between women from the host society and TCN women;
  • -Fostering the process of skills assessment of TCN women with a tailor-made methodology;

Main outputs to be produced include:

  • A tailor-made Assessment Methodology which takes in consideration the specific needs and challenges of the labour market integration of TCN women
  • The Evermore Mentoring and Empowerment Programme based on the results of the assessment methodology
  • The Evermore Empowerment Activity Book which consists of the most impactful activities from the Mentoring and Empowerment programme
  • The Evermore Gamified online platform, which will enrich the learning content of the Evermore Mentoring and Empowerment Programme with online gamification element and will be further available after the end of the project for other interested TCN women

Through all these tailor-made outputs and activities EVERMORE will contribute to more effective labour market integration of 120 TCN women within the EU by strengthening their mentoring and empowerment relationships with 60 women mentors in different professional fields around EU.

The project is coordinated by the VEREIN MULTIKULTUREL and will be implemented by a consortium of seven partners from six European countries: AT, DE, BG, IT, ES, and LT.

  • co-funded by the European Commission through Erasmus+
  • Duration: 10/2019-09/2021