Get Ready 2 Work

Contributing to active employment of disadvantaged youngsters in the labour market

Get Ready 2 Work aims to contribute to active employment of disadvantaged groups in the labour market, i.e. young people (15-25)

  • from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds,
  • who have failed to complete their education and/or vocational training,
  • are hitherto hard to reach with education and integration activities.

The main activities of the project include the following:

  • Studying the experience of other Member States or other countries, also through on-site visits, peer reviews and exchange of officials and identification of transfer possibilities to Bulgaria and of adaptation needs
  • Dissemination and exchange of information and experience, also through publications, organisation of events, establishment and/or inclusion in partnership networks, twinning
  • Exchange of programme and project managers, staff, trainers, trainees, stakeholder representatives and on-site exchange of experience
  • Joint or coordinated organisation of social experiments by adapting and/or validating (testing) innovative models, practices, services, products and support systems from other states: Two training and integration programme on the basis of the adapted Austrian and German best practice models will be piloted in Bulgaria: a modular training/activation programme and a transnational mobility programme will be piloted with at least 50 Bulgarian unemployed youngsters.
  • The impact of these programmes on the participants will be assessed and evidenced with the LEVEL5 methodology.


  • Coordination: CATRO, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Four partners from three European countries
  • Duration: 18 months (09/2013-02/2015)
  • funded by the Bulgarian ESF