I-L4SH – Intergenerational Learning for Sustainable Households

The Erasmus+ project I-L4SH addresses the urgent need for collective action on climate change. Focused on secondary education, the project integrates innovative teaching methods, emphasing intergenerational learning (IGL) and Citizen Science (CS) activities.

By targeting personal and household practices related to sustainability, the project aims to inspire lasting change and foster a more environmentally conscious society, by assisting secondary school educators in integrating a methodology for environmental and sustainability education utilising IGL and CS activities as well as developing students’ and parents’ environmental literacy.


The general objective of the project is to introduce concepts, practices and methods of IGL, specifically within the field of climate/sustainability education in secondary schools through Citizen Science projects in order to create more environmentally sustainable and greener practices.

There are two main subjective under this:

1) to cultivate an understudying of IGL method within formal education processes.

2) foster the development of sustainable practices within households.


1) A Pedagogical eBook that provides secondary school educators in environmental sciences with theoretical knowledge on IGL frameworks and CS activities and their application to sustainability teaching

2) A DIY Manual and a Virtual Toolkit, including 4 ready-to-use workshops, on intergenerational teaching for sustainability providing teachers with theoretical knowledge to design and implement intergenerational initiatives and CS projects.

3) Training and mobility activities for educators, students and parents including workshops for teachers, long and short-term experimental labs, an environmental contest and presentation of the results at a Phygital Intergenerational Citizen Science Fair.