LBB – Languages Behind Bars

Multi-lingual, cross-cultural learning programme that incorporates not only the education of offenders on prison-communication and cross-cultural awareness, but also the education and certification of prison staff

LBB aims to:

  • Promote communication and interaction in a common language in a prison setting
  • Facilitate more effective rehabilitation of foreign national offenders
  • Provide skills to help improve integration into society and the work-force after release
  • Engage prison staff in offenders’ education programmes

The main activities of the LBB project include the following:

  • Comprehensive desk research in which the current state of prison education and prison staff training, European and national policy, and the results of previous prison education projects are investigated
  • Developing, piloting and evaluating a cross-cultural prison communication programme for prison staff and foreign national offenders using a mix of classroom instruction, ICT and workbook-based activities
  • Establishing assessment and accreditation methods for the certification of foreign language and intercultural competences of prison officers working with foreign-national offenders, setting new European benchmark standards
  • An inter-prison language and cultural written exchange to help inmates practice language skills and reflect on their own cultures, in which prison staff take an active and encouraging role
  • Producing a good practice guide for enhancing communication between prison staff and foreign national offenders


  • Six partner institutions from six European countries
  • Project coordination: die Berater, Vienna, Austria
  • Funded by the European Lifelong Learning Programme Grundtvig
  • Duration: 10/12 – 09/14
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