No Alternative Facts

Tackling intentional misinformation in digital technologies through critical thinking skills and media literacy

Young people today are growing up in a globalised world and are processing information from a wider variety of sources than ever before. They need the critical literacy skills to navigate the potential pitfalls when consuming news, particularly when using online sources and social media. Media literacy is crucial for sustaining democracy by knowing which information sources to trust and which media are trustworthy.

The project No alternative facts aims at developing a state-of-the-art interactive learning environment and accompanying resources to support tutors, trainers and educators working with disadvantaged young adults, in order to increase their capacity, competence and the resources to promote media literacy, critical thinking and digital competences amongst disadvantaged young adults with the ultimate aim to prepare them to take part in a democracy.

The final beneficiaries of the No alternative facts project are young people 15-25, especially with a low level of education and training.

The train-the-trainer offer for adult educators will contain the following elements:

  • Awareness and basic knowledge about fake news and about tools to detect them (watch websites, analytical methodologies etc.)
  • Insight how fake news can be spread and manipulated in social media
  • Introduction to game-based learning and quiz-based learning as methodologies for competence development and empowerment
  • Practical tools for media and quiz production in the classroom

In terms of concrete products “No alternative facts” will develop:

  • A Situational Analysis Report on how young people experience fake news
  • A Train-the-Trainer Format for adult educators
  • A Toolbox for Adult Educators
  • An Online Gamification Environment
  • A Trainer’s Guide

“No alternative facts” will be put into practice in a Transnational Training Activity with 18 adult educators, who then pilot the approach with young people in their respective country.

The partnership is led by Apricot, United Kingdom, and has experienced adult education providers from Germany, Austria, Bulgaria,Sweden and Denmark as project partners.

  • co-funded by the European Commission through Erasmus+
  • Duration: 11/2018-10/2020

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