Promoting and validating key competences in Mobility and Traineeships in Europe

The project aims at promoting and validating social, personal and organisational key competences such as entrepreneurship, civic competences and learning to learn with the help of an innovative, selfdirected learning approach at the interface of higher education and business.


This will be achieved through the following main activities:

  • Researching existing approaches to acquire and validate key competences especially social and civic competences, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, learning to learn both in higher education, in industry and enterprises;
  • Developing an overarching competence oriented learning approach and a validation system to assess, evidence and certify learning outcomes acquired in different learning contexts;
  • Enriching existing validation and certification systems by creating reference systems for the above mentioned key competences, assessment tools and a quality approach that will link the validation with existing ECTS-based validation and certification;
  • Developing a holistic, ICT-supported and competence oriented learning and validation system: LEVEL5 and connected via the e-portfolio with EUROPASS and ECTS certification.
  • Piloting and evaluating the competence oriented learning and validation system in internships or traineeships that will be organised as learning projects;
  • Transferring the project results both into university contexts (to enrich formal curricula) and into the business sector (continuing professional development schemes).

The project seeks to become a permanent Academia-Business network and will be widely disseminated and valorised through intensive networking and business planning. The project will contribute to an improved transparency of the acquired competences, to a higher variability of learning pathways and eventually to a better matching of learning contents and individual learning styles.

  • coordinated by: Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 16 partners from nine countries (LT, IT, GR, DE, BE, BG, UK, AT,PT)
  • funded by the European Commission, ERASMUS+ Programme
  • Duration: 12/14-11/16
  • Website: