Refugee Employment Support and Training

The employment of refugees could be a solution for a wide range of problems that European labour markets currently suffer from, e.g. skill shortage – especially in rural areas, ageing workforces, or the lack of motivated apprentices.

But due to their unclear professional, personal and legal situations, many European employers are still hesitant to hire and employ refugees. The REST project aims at creating and applying a compre-hensive training and support system for enter-prises and organisations that want to employ and integrate refugees at their workplaces.

The main aim of REST is to enhance staff managers’ competences and willingness to employ and to successfully interact with refugees. The project is going to develop a comprehensive modular training concept consisting of face-to-face workshops, coaching support and training material as well as networking facilities on an internet platform to assist enterprises in the process of employing refugees. The training will tackle topics such as:

  • Legal aspects to be considered when employing refugees
  • Intercultural aspect at the workplace
  • Dealing with psychological aspects as e.g. traumatisation
  • In-house training and learning on the job for employed refugees

 The REST project addresses:

  • CEOs, HR-managers, team managers, supervisors or in-house trainers in enterprises and organisations who are (thinking about) employing refugees
  • intermediary organisations such as chambers, employer associations and public authorities
  • NGOs active in the field of refugee integration