SASSI stands for Silver Age Silver Sage Initiative and aims to support age-sensitive
approaches to continuous professional development for older learners and workers.


The main aim of the project is to:

  • empower the ageing workforce by developing innovative training strategies that can be successfully applied both in continuous professional development (CPD) for 50+ employees and in VET programmes for active adult job seekers.
  • develop age-sensitive approaches to learning and continuous professional development in order to actively engage older workers and job seekers.


This shall be achieved by:

  • exploring existing approaches and state of the art on age-responsive education, in terms of awareness levels, good practices and ongoing experiences.
  • developing guidance, training and coaching products which will enable trainers, CPD and VET providers to offer innovative tools and resources to organisations and older individuals.
  • setting up a multi-lingual e-platform – the SASSI Hub and Community website – where senior learners, VET and CPD providers and HR managers can ‘meet’ and share experiences.
  • developing and promoting a certification system. The idea is to build up a sound process to enable educationalists to become age responsive learning providers, by embedding the SASSI approach and developing concrete learning activities accordingly.


SASSI addresses:

  • VET and CPD trainers
  • HR managers
  • line managers with people management
  • external stakeholders and institutions
  • the broad society


  • coordinated by: Apricot, Loughborough, UK
  • seven partners from six countries (AT, DE, NL, PT, SK, UK)
  • funded in the framework of Erasmus+
  • Duration: 09/2015-08/2017
  • Website: