SAFE – Seniors‘ Anti-Fake Education

Many people find it difficult to distinguish factual from false information from the internet and from social media. They have difficulty finding valid sources and often consume information without critically examining it. While people of all ages fall victim to fake news, recent studies show that older people are more susceptible to fake news and digital misinformation than young people.
This is where the EU-project „SAFE – Seniors‘ Anti-Fake Education“ starts. It is aimed specifically at seniors (65+) and addresses the challenge of supporting and developing critical thinking skills to navigate potential pitfalls using online sources and social media in an elderly people education context.

The main project objectives are to:

  • support digital inclusion by enhancing the media literacy and critical thinking skills of seniors (65+)
  • provide adult educators with professional skills and action-oriented methods for developing elderly people’s ability to detect intentional misinformation on the internet and on social media
  • apply age-sensitive didactic and methodological principles in digital competence education to promote and facilitate the participation of senior learners in lifelong learning

To this end, the SAFE consortium will develop the following concrete products:

  • an innovative blended learning train-the-trainer programme for adult educators who work with senior learners
  • a workshop series for learners 65+ who want to develop their digital competences and critical thinking skills with regard to fake news on the internet
  • an online learning platform as well as an information repository and networking tool for senior learners and the adult educators working with them

The project partnership is led by LU Ptuj, Slovenia, and consists of partners with complementary experience and skills in the field of informal learning and adult education from Germany, Austria, Italy, Cyprus and Greece.
Project duration: 02/2022 – 06/2024
Further information can be found at: