EVERGREEN – Empowering VET Institutions towards Greener Initiatives

In the face of the current climate crisis, tomorrow’s jobs require skills that meet the demands of the green and digital transformation. Investments in greening VET are considered a cornerstone of the process as they can have positive impacts on several levels: They improve the employability of workers and the productivity of enterprises as they reflect current and future labour market needs; they support sustainable lifestyles and increase awareness and motivation to develop a green culture; and they make VET more attractive to learners and communities by promoting green competences (UNESCOUNEVOC, 2017, Greening Technical and Vocational Education and Training: A Practical Guide for Institutions). The EVERGREEN project envisages the adoption of innovative practices that prepare VET communities, including managers, staff and learners, to initiate the greening process of the sector and to change behaviour and adopt a greener mindset at both professional and personal level


  • To introduce innovative practices to support VET communities in becoming agents of change toward sustainable development through the adoption of a whole-institute green approach.
  • To support VET institutions in adapting their offerings to the current and future needs of the economy and society through flexible resources and methods and by providing individualised upskilling opportunities.
  • To support the development of VET learners’ green skills and employability potential within the current labour market.
  • To foster transnational cooperation in greening VET provision and to facilitate the adoption of a sustainable mindset in society.


  • Mapping of green practices currently used in VET through online surveys and interviews.
  • Development of nine scenarios that will include a set of tools, methods, and activities to support VET institutions in achieving their green goals.
  • Development of a package of 28 upskilling mini courses to support VET staff in implementing the green process within their communities.
  • Organization of online training courses and of a transnational training event for VET staff through the creation of Greening Teams.
  • Development and implementation of the EVERGREEN Practice by VET staff to test the resources developed and the knowledge gained through the creation of Greening Plans.
  • Creation of the EVERGREEN VET Alliance among VET institutions to promote and support green practices at European and international levels.
  • Organization of events at the local level to promote project results and raise awareness among stakeholders.


  • EVERGREEN Framework: guiding approach in support to green education and instruction
  • EVERGREEN Support Tool: innovative and flexible tools and practices to support VET communities
  • Greening Plans: initiatives developed by VET staff involved in the project
  • Newsletter

The project is coordinated by BUPNET and will be implemented by a consortium of seven partners from seven European countries: BE, DE, FR, EL, IT, LU, SI