Strengthening youth entrepreneurship and innovation capital for the circular economy

The SYnC project seeks to empower young people and youth workers by providing them with a non-formal educational framework that will unleash their creativity and will help them build innovative business ideas that are tailored to the circular economy.

The project aims to:

  • Educate and raise awareness of youth, in particular those with fewer opportunities, on the key concepts of sustainability and circular economy to strengthen their entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Build the capacity of youth organisations to be able to inform and guide youth towards a circular economy and to explore their entrepreneurship and innovation potential.
  • Reinvigorate cross-national and cross-sectoral knowledge transfer to build momentum towards promoting youth entrepreneurship in the circular economy.

Who is this project for?

  • Youth workers
  • Young people
  • Youth organisations and CSOs
  • Formal and non-formal educational institutions
  • Local/regional, national & EU authorities in the fields of Youth, Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship

In terms of concrete products SynC will develop the following outputs:

  • Toolkit for youth and circular economy entrepreneurship: This digital toolkit showcases innovative youth-led initiatives that could act as an example for future circular economy young entrepreneurs.
  • Guidebook for raising awareness and building the capacity of youth workers: The Guidebook helps youth workers to better understand key concepts and familiarize with the UN and EU policies and strategies (SDGs) and build their capacity to integrate in their work with youth and to promote sustainable development and circular economy.
  • SYnC online course and educational platform: The SYnC online course and platform on circular economy entrepreneurship addressed to youth aims to serve as an integrated and tailored course to equip them with knowledge and competences relevant to the circular economy, and nurture the youth innovation capital towards new green and sustainable business ideas
  • The Lessons Learnt and Forward-Looking Educational Strategies reports: These reports will benefit policy makers, non-formal education actors and other relevant stakeholders, as they will provide them with evidenced knowledge on the development and application of non-formal educational programmes and resources on the field of entrepreneurship and circular economy.

The project partnership is under the leadership of KMOP, Greece, with BUPNET as the German partner and partners from Belgium, Romania and Portugal.

Project website: