Angebote & Projekte

  • EU-/Internationale Projekte
    EVERGREEN - Empowering VET Institutions towards Greener Initiatives

    In the face of the current climate crisis, tomorrow’s jobs require skills that meet the demands of the green and digital transformation. Investments in greening VET are considered a cornerstone of the process as they can have positive impacts on several levels: They improve the employability of workers and the productivity of enterprises as they reflect current and future labour market needs; they support sustainable lifestyles and increase awareness and motivation to develop a green culture;

  • EU-/Internationale Projekte
    SAFE - Seniors' Anti-Fake Education

    Many people find it difficult to distinguish factual from false information from the internet and from social media. They have difficulty finding valid sources and often consume information without critically examining it. While people of all ages fall victim to fake news, recent studies show that older people are more susceptible to fake news and digital misinformation than young people.

  • Trainings for refugees, Weiterbildungen für Arbeitsuchende
    MuTiG plus 2022 für Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund

    Teilzeitfortbildung in Göttingen 16.05.2022 bis 03.11.2022, inkl. betrieblichem Praktikum (4 Wochen) inklusive individuellem Coaching

  • Weiterbildungen für Arbeitsuchende
    Projektmanagement mit Abschluss IPMA Level D

    Fortbildung für Akademiker/innen in Göttingen 02.05.2022 bis 27.07.2022, mit Praktikum bis 01.11.2022 in einer Kombination aus Präsenzunterricht, Onlineseminar und Projektarbeit

  • EU-/Internationale Projekte
    Critical Balance

    During 2020 and 2021 Europe has gone through an extremely uncertain time with the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. This has given rise to a wide array of conspiracy theories related to the pandemic, for example, that the pandemic is a hoax, that the virus was created in a laboratory and that vaccination against Covid-19 is a cover-up for microchipping people.

  • EU-/Internationale Projekte
    eDialogue – Using digital tools for dialogue and inclusion in schools

    The project responds to the challenges and needs identified in European Societies and specifically in the context of School education. The implementing partners, have grasped the urgency to put forward concrete actions and responses to support and empower teachers and educators to utilise digital tools and resources to elevate their capacity to engage their students and most importantly to address social issues and factors contributing to social inclusion in an interactive manner.

  • EU-/Internationale Projekte
    The Post-Pandemic Empowerment Programme

    COVID-19 has catalyzed the shift to hybrid and full-time remote working. In PROSPER we believe this transformation is to be welcomed: when effectively managed, remote working brings innumerable benefits to companies and staff including greater autonomy, flexibility and productivity. However, the large-scale move to remote working presents many challenges, in particular new management skills are required to supervise staff virtually.

  • EU-/Internationale Projekte

    Care4Carers has been formed as a strategic partnership to strengthen the position of family carers on the labour market developing individually tailored supporting offers for the target group to:

  • EU-/Internationale Projekte
    Digital Arts Dialogue

    In light of the covid-19 pandemic and restrictions applying to the opportunities to meet other people in person, collaboration and dialogue among young people, in youth work and in counselling, in general, has been suffering a great lack of quality, possibility and provision. The DigiArts project aims to focus on this “interrupted” dialogue and develop a qualitative and effective way for young people and youth workers to exchange in dialogue and cooperation and support each other in an innova-tive digital way.

  • EU-/Internationale Projekte
    Eco-therapy for people with substance abuse disorders

    Eco-Therapy is a two-year Erasmus+ project that aims to equip and enhance the skills of professionals to better support people with addiction problems by introducing an innovative approach of Eco-Therapy in vocational training institutions and treatment centres.