Angebote & Projekte

  • EU-/Internationale Projekte

    Care4Carers has been formed as a strategic partnership to strengthen the position of family carers on the labour market developing individually tailored supporting offers for the target group to:

  • EU-/Internationale Projekte
    Digital Arts Dialogue

    In light of the covid-19 pandemic and restrictions applying to the opportunities to meet other people in person, collaboration and dialogue among young people, in youth work and in counselling, in general, has been suffering a great lack of quality, possibility and provision. The DigiArts project aims to focus on this “interrupted” dialogue and develop a qualitative and effective way for young people and youth workers to exchange in dialogue and cooperation and support each other in an innova-tive digital way.

  • EU-/Internationale Projekte
    Eco-therapy for people with substance abuse disorders

    Eco-Therapy is a two-year Erasmus+ project that aims to equip and enhance the skills of professionals to better support people with addiction problems by introducing an innovative approach of Eco-Therapy in vocational training institutions and treatment centres.

  • EU-/Internationale Projekte

    Europe’s future economic competitiveness and prosperity depend crucially on its ability to fully utilise its labour resources including through the extension of employment periods over the life course. In  addition, demographic ageing is one of the driving forces behind the Europe 2020 employment target to increase labour force participation across the EU. For social support systems to remain viable as Europe’s population ages, more people need to work and stay in work for longer over their lifetimes. To achieve this the adoption of appropriate, age-sensitive policies and practices that enable and encourage older workers to remain in or re-enter the labour market must be achieved.

  • EU-/Internationale Projekte
    Stop Lies About Climate Change

    In recent years, significant progress has been made in understanding climate change, its causes and consequences, but there is also a huge flow of misinformation designed to confuse the public and generate doubt about the existence of climate change. Media and social media became the vehicle of the main fake news. The majority of youngsters are becoming more aware of the climate crises and consider the fight against climate chance a crucial task to address. They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to counter climate myths with scientific facts. This enables them to spread truthful information and attitudes about our climate among older people.

  • EU-/Internationale Projekte
    COOL - Competence Oriented Open Learning for disadvantaged adults

    21st-century challenges like digitalisation, migration, climate change and social cohesion are calling for the adoption of new approaches for learning and development. People coming from disadvantaged backgrounds are often deprived from vital climate-related knowledge due to the lack of information tailored to their needs, which may result in environmentally irresponsible behaviour.

  • Weiterbildungen für Arbeitsuchende
    Projektmanagement mit Abschluss IPMA Level D

    Fortbildung für Akademiker/innen in Göttingen 22.11.2021 bis 01.03.2022, mit Praktikum bis 02.06.2022 in einer Kombination aus Präsenzunterricht, Onlineseminar und Projektarbeit

  • Trainings for refugees, Weiterbildungen für Arbeitsuchende
    MuTiG plus 02/2021 für Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund

    Teilzeitfortbildung in Göttingen 08.11.2021 bis 04.05.2022, inkl. betrieblichem Praktikum (4 Wochen) inklusive individuellem Coaching

  • Weiterbildungen für Arbeitsuchende

    für Akademiker*innen mit und ohne Berufserfahrung 08.11.2021 bis 12.11.2021, 1 Woche, 40 Stunden zzgl. Einzelberatung

  • EU-/Internationale Projekte
    Bridge the Digital Grey Divide – BG2D - Abschlusstreffen

    Nach einer durch die Pandemie bedingten Verlängerung und einer Pause in der Zwischenzeit geht das Projekt BG2D nun langsam zu Ende. Das finale Treffen ist für den 29.09.2021 geplant. Es wurden einige vorbildliche Vorgehensweisen zur Verringerung der digitalen Kluft für Senioren gefunden, und das Weißbuch wird im Moment zusammengestellt. Durch die Covid-19 Situation hat sich auch der Blick auf die Vermittlung von digitalen Kenntnissen für Senioren deutlich geändert - es gibt einen erhöhten Bedarf und stark erhöhte Aufmerksamkeit für diese Problematik.